I stand in solidarity with the Black community, and with the Black Lives Matter movement. I pledge my commitment to doing better in my personal and professional life to lift Black voices, and create a space for BIPOC. I am dedicated to learning how to be actively anti-racist, looking inward at myself, my privilege and my own role in the problem, and taking what I learn to do better and be better. The wedding and photography industry has long contributed to inequality and racism, and I will do my part to propel my business and the industry forward in the following ways:

-A commitment to move toward at least 20% of vendor lists include Black vendors.
-A commitment to hire, support, and promote Black owned businesses and creatives.
-A commitment to include BIPOC couples and models on my website, social media, and within marketing materials. While I am not planning styled shoots or promotional shoots until after COVID-19, collaborating with an inclusive and diverse creative team will be my priority moving forward. 
-A commitment to donate to charitable organizations that fight for an anti-racist society. I am proud to share that I will be donating to Brennan Center for Justice
-A commitment that when I share a BIPOC vendor on social media and in vendor lists, I will get to know them by reaching out to talk about their services. I have always valued relationships before transactions in my profession, and this will not change.
-A commitment for ongoing, lifelong education to keep myself aware, engaged, and informed of racism. 

If there is more I can do, or suggestions you wish to share, I welcome your feedback at ashleyhelenphotography@gmail.com









Inclusivity Pledge

Ashley Helen Dringo


To my clients, community, and industry,